The Lore of Smokey Bacon
The extensive magic system of Baconhammer revolves around the Lore of Smokey Bacon!

High Bacon Unboxing
Thinking of playing High Bacon? Our very own OasisRising unboxed the highly anticipated High Bacon Army!

Baconhammer on a Budget
Produce cheap and sell 1000x over margin. That's the companies bottom line, but with advice from one of our producers, you don't have to buy the whole pig!

Baconhammer Fitness
It's not a secret that this game can really put on the pounds. But have no worries! The WGC Fitness Coach will show you how to cut the fat when playing Baconhammer!

Bacon Wastelands
The story of the human struggle in a wartorn land. What happens when a man is left behind to face the trials of pork? Watch the human drama unfold before your eyes.

The Making of the Baconator!
The cast the highest spell in smokey bacon you NEED a Baconator! Our Head Cook Producer, SpudTate tells you how on his cooking show!

Baconhammer Minibases
There's nothing like having your army look awesome with custom bases. Need some tips on making them? Check out Minigirl's tutorial on how!

Talk About Baconhammer!
Go questions or comments about awesome Baconhammer? Check out the WGC's Forums!

Dicsuss Baconhammer!

The Baconhammer Team
Studio Painting Director
Awesome Paint Job
Studio Conversion Director
Van Hammer
Bacon Magic Designer
The Joey Berry
Pig Faction Designer
Oasis "Matt Who?" Rising
Game Designer
Wargamer Girl
Fitness Director
The Coach
Creative Pork Media
Engineer Jeff
Creative Chaos Specialist
Miniwargamer Dave
Bacon HotTips Expert

Hog Call Sound Meters
The sound meter is an important part of baconhammer. Getting the right one is imperative to your game. Here are some that we suggest!